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Learn French

Learning to speak French will feed your soul. The French are a captivating bunch. Famous for their style, pride, arrogance, intolerance and wit. Rub shoulders with the locals and pick up vocabulary in cafes and squares, in art galleries, museums, at local markets and while strolling through vineyards. This is what a French language course should feel like.

"It was all beyond my expectations, so I loved it all. Nice is a wonderful place, high quality of learning language (I learned really a lot, so I can speak now) and French cooking was a great experience! Definitely I’ll come again!" Victoria A, Moscow: Cooking and French holiday in Nice, France

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We love learning French

We love French. It’s romantic. It’s passionate. Learning French will feed your soul.

We’ve travelled across France to curate an eclectic mix of French language holidays that are as magnificent as the people that go on them and the linguists who teach them.

Teachers who inspire. Passionate types. People who make learning seem easy.

Want to speak like a local but don’t fancy spending your holiday stuck in a classroom? Why not try an indulgent cookery holiday with a side serving of French lessons?

Go. Parle français. Now you’re talking.

Accelerate your French on a full immersion course

Moving in with your French teacher - an abhorrent notion to a teenager, but as an adult, it’s the best way to accelerate your French.

Instead of trawling through a textbook, parle from breakfast to bedtime while staying in their home. Become part of the family. Join in with your teacher’s life. Rub shoulders with the locals. Go shopping, sit in cafes and chat over café au lait and explore the nightlife. Away from a classroom, self-consciousness slips away and faltering conversations become animated with all the passion of a French local.

A week’s French immersion course gives you the same level of French you would expect after spending 4 weeks in a classroom. What’s not to like?

Who are our French course guests?

Solo travellers. Professional singles with a love for all things French. Those with inquiring minds. Complete beginners to the nearly fluent. University students looking to pass exams. People of all ages from 20’s to 70’s. People from around the world with a passion to share and a story to tell.

Is this you? It looks like you.

Thousands have already discovered our French language holidays last a lifetime. Come join them.

What do our guests think?

It’s not the done thing to boast. So you won’t find us crowing about how amazing our language tutors are. Nor how good our service is, or the fact that you can live with locals and come home with a skill to be proud of. Mum’s the word. We prefer to let our guests do the talking.

"A very enjoyable experience. My host family were delightful. I was able to gain a real insight into the French way of life. Loved every minute." A Jack, UK: French immersion course, Provence

"A great language school, and what a brilliant way to spend a week! Fun and useful language lessons in the morning, then the rest of the day to myself to explore Nice. The booking process was easy and it all worked – no problems at all. Thanks!" A Geldhart, UK: French course in Nice, France

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