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Practise your French over café au lait, use your new lingo to bargain for the freshest produce at local markets, absorb new vocabulary in modern art galleries and historic museums, and rub shoulders with the locals in squares, at charming cafes and while choosing which full-bodied red to sip – French language courses should always be this immersive.

Parles Français

Around 45% of all English words have a French origin, making it a great foreign language to learn for English speakers.

And what better place to learn French than where this romantic language began?

France – with its charming beauty and diverse regions – is bursting with culture. And with a French language course equipping you with lingo, the locals will (almost) think you're one of them.

Learning French in France means embracing the nuances of a new language, challenging your mind and being willing to make mistakes. And – most importantly – it's about sharing laughter, conversation and a glass of wine with other students and locals – without the stuffy classrooms or piles of homework.

And with professional French tutors, local teachers and native speakers helping you perfect your pronunciation, you'll return with a broader vocabulary and worldview.

Where to learn French in France

Go just to explore one of France's diverse regions, or combine your French language courses with a foodie experience.

Roam the stunning Cote d'Azur on a French language holiday in Nice or discover the serenity of Brittany's coastline instead. Wander the enticing cities of Lyon or Toulouse, or converse over wine and cheese as you learn French in Paris.

For a peaceful language holiday, spend a week in the sprawling and breathtaking French countryside of the Dordogne region or explore the vineyards and lavender fields of Provence.

French immersion courses

To accelerate your learning, try a full French immersion holiday. Move in with your teacher for a week and become part of the family. Speak the local language from the moment you wake until you're dreaming in it, too.

You'll see the results: a one-week French immersion course equips you with as much language learning as four weeks in a classroom at home.

Learning French should always feel this natural.

Whatever you choose, you can find French courses in France that expand your mind and indulge your inner linguist alongside other passionate students. Never settle for ordinary.

Who are our French language holiday guests?

Keen linguists, beginners who've never uttered more than 'bonjour', multilingual speakers – everyone is welcome in the classrooms of our French language schools.

You'll meet people of all ages and nationalities, from singles to couples to groups of friends. Some have spoken French all their lives and want to brush up on their skills, while others just want to escape traditional classroom settings and inspire their minds.

All that's required is a passion for learning and a refusal to be boxed in.

Is this you? It looks like you.

Thousands of people have already discovered that our eclectic mix of French courses in France are as diverse as the people who go on them. Come and join them.

Guest reviews

"Fantastic week! My French really improved and the teachers were so friendly and supportive. I also made great friends from all over the world." Debs, UK

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